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    This is my first post. I have joined this forum to try to get the most out of my new Ipad! I am probably the least tech savvy person on the this forum but I am very willing to learn. My most important interests are setting up my Ipad for my work sales presentations. I am a Wholesale Rep in the furniture industry. I have two different companies I sell and have almost 5000 sku in my combined lines. I want to find the easiest and most organized way to put my presentations on the Ipad. For the last three years I have been lugging around about 150lbs worth of sales bags, pictures, notepad, and binders. Its tough to keep organized and frankly not fun to lug around! I hope the Ipad can be a partial cure and in a perfect world the cure all! I would love any advice or input! Thank you in advance! Sorry for poor Spelling/grammar!

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