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    I'm Scott/50, a new member who is researching the IPad as a Christmas gift for my dad. He is 81 and does not get around well. In fact he is homebound for the most part. He spends way too much time in front of the TV. He love computers however, but finds it difficult to travel to the back room to use his desktop (PC). He also has a laptop that he uses from time to time. Although I am a PC user, he bought the family our first Mac in the mid '80's. I thought the IPad would be a "perfect Christmas gift" He would use it primarily for surfing the web. storing photos and book reading. Perhaps he could learn to play a few games as that would improve his dexterity and mental alertness. I don't think he would watch many movies because he can do that from his chair. Actually, I think I would like one myself!

    Now if I can just figure out a legitmate business use for myself, I could get a tax deduction for a purchase. I'm a white collar worker in the oil and gas industry (petroleum landman) and do a lot of word processing/spreadsheet documents. I presently prepare a lot of documents using PDF files from our company website. I hope to explore the apps and determine what would be best for my needs.

    I have not upgraded to an Iphone as of yet. Mainly because I wear contacts and reading the small icons would be a chore. Plus, I don't know if I would get my money's worth by being forced to purchase a data plan with the IPhone. May consider the IPod Touch however, when my current 160gb classic dies. They do "die" don't they?

    Anyway, I am just hoping to learn something new about Ipads and all the various apps. Thanks!


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