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    Hello everybody. I'm a new iPad owner as of 3 days ago. I have been an iphone user since the beginning and I must say that i can type much better on the iPad. I resisted the urge to get the iPad unti this point because I said that. I didn't need one since i had an iphone and MacBook. It is true that i didn't need one but I found over and over again that I wanted one for the apps that i was using on the iPhone. I ended up selecting a 32gb wifi + 3G only because it was the only one that came with an actual GPS in it and i had a nav app for my iphone that i was looking forward to using it on the iPad.

    I also have a Mac mini that i am using as a home theater computer and with the Plex app it looks great on the iPad. I look forward to a great time with the iPad, my 3 year old and I are already finding great apps and having fun.

    Nice to meet all of you


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