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    The Survivors is a new form of interactive book called an Immersedition. Though seemingly similar to a typical ebook, the Immersedition includes over 300 touchpoints with over 500 frames of additional relevant content to more deeply immerse the reader into the story.

    See what the Immersedition is all about:

    Most interactive book apps feature additional content much like special features on a DVD, but with the Immersedition, the content is inlaid with the pages of the book and hidden by watermark touchpoints that are only called to action when wanted. The additional content is relevant and non-invasive - soundtrack music you can listen to while reading like you would hear in a movie, character profiles that evolve as you read, ability to follow and talk to characters on Twitter, additional historical information on topics within the book (no putting down the novel to Google something on your phone!), interactive Google maps of real locations the characters travel to.

    It's been featured by GigaOm and Adweek as a groudbreaking experience in reading.

    The Survivors Immersedition costs $12.99 (the same as a paperback book!). Head to the App Store and download now: App Store - The Survivors
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