Need Help Asap about music download.

Discussion in 'iPad 3 Forum' started by 0wner2908, Mar 18, 2013.

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    Sorry this is pretty long
    So here's my problem, my current Ipad 3 used to be hooked up to my old computer where I would transfer all my music on to it. That Computer eventually broke then I got a new computer. Now I have tons of music in my ipad now from my old computer and I can't start syncing new music on to my ipad from my new computer because then it will erase all my old music. So for the most part I have just being buying off the iTunes Store on my ipad to get new music, but there are something's I need to download that aren't on iTunes. Is there anyway I can download music straight off my ipad without using iTunes and to have that music actually transfer to my music liabary on my ipad. I know there are certain apps that do this but the only thing they hace able to download is this shitty music off there confinded websites. Does anyone know of this is possible?
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    Have you downloaded the latest version of iTunes and have you authorized the computer? When you connect your iPad to the computer, you should have the option to transfer purchases to iTunes on your computer, without erasing it from your iPad.

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