Myy laptop and iPad have stopped syncing emails

Discussion in 'iPad Help' started by joannelovesbooks, Jan 22, 2014.

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    I bought my new laptop about three weeks ago and set up MS Outlook so that it would sync with my iPad and iPhone. It all worked fine until a few days ago when emails I have read on my iPad stopped appearing on my pc. It works the other way round, ie, emails I read in MS Outlook still appear on my iPad. How can I make sure that the emails that I open and read on my iPad still go into MS Outlook?

    I am using a gmail account set up as imap.

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    Check your Gmail account's webmail site and make sure all emails are still appearing there. Be sure to check the Archive folder, incase they were getting archived without you're realizing it.

    If they are, try deleting and re-adding the account on the laptop, since it appears to be the one not updating properly. You can also delete and re-add it to the iPad, for good measure. As long as the website is behaving properly deleting your accounts from the devices won't lose anything; though it may cost you a bit of bandwidth as the accounts sync again.

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