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    Nov 30, 2010
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    i've been out of the apple fold for a while: i had an apple ][, then an unenhanced 512k mac (which i think is still in the garage). since then, it's been only micro$oft and more recently, android (droid x). i've been involved in online communities actively since 1985 (when i started hosting on the WeLL.

    my wife got me an ipad (16gb, wifi, which i swapped for a 64gb wifi). it's such a beautiful combination of technology and design! i'm trying to come up with apps that'll justify my using it at work. i'm a primary care physician in marin county, and am already using logmein ignition to access our EHR.

    what i'd really like would be some educational anatomy/pathology software so i could teach patients about their illness, and show them online resources quickly, and email them links, right in the exam room. i'm completely open for suggestions: email is flash at docflash dot com, but the subject line *must* have the word PATIENT or i probably won't see it.

    i'm off to explore the forum - i look forward to meeting folks here.
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    Welcome to the forum!! :D

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