Monster Clarity Model One

Discussion in 'Bluetooth Speakers' started by KevinJS, Jul 29, 2014.

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    If you want to take your entertainment out on the deck this summer, you might want to check out this offering from Monster, the company best known for high quality audio/video cables.

    I do not possess this item, but it is high on my wish list, having heard it a few weeks ago. This thing ROCKS...literally.

    Looking like a simple pair of speakers, it has multiple possibilities. There is a 30-pin connector on the top for plugging in a pre-Lightning iPhone/iPod. It comes with a BlueTooth adaptor and it has a range of plugins for hardwiring it to a sound system.

    Worth $800? Probably not, but some dealers are heavily discounting the model, so $500 is nearer what you will need to pay. I've heard of (but not seen) a price of $300 attached to the Model One, so it's worth looking around. Amazon and Newegg could be worth a visit.

    Based on what I heard, I'd give this a 5 star rating at $500.

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