Mobile Devices Responsible for Around 20 Percent of US Web Traffic

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    All Things D’s Ina Fried reports on new figures from ad network Chitika that show that smartphones and tablets now make up 20% of Web traffic in the US and Canada. To break the figures down, Chitika found that PCs are still responsible for 80% of Web traffic, and smartphones for 14.6%, with tablets having 5.6%. Eighty-five percent of the desktop computer traffic is Windows-based, with just 13% being Mac-based. Looking at tablet Web traffic as a whole, Chitika showed that 95% of traffic comes from iPad users; as far as phone traffic is concerned, Apple’s iPhone has a 72% share, compared to Android’s 26%. Chitika’s figures also show that Windows Phone now has a third as much Web traffic as do BlackBerry devices. Examining usage patterns, Chitika found that tablet and mobile phone Internet use increases in the evening, doubtless when people have left their desks and are sitting in front of their TVs and relaxing.

    Source: Mobile Devices Now Make Up About 20 Percent of U.S. Web Traffic - Ina Fried - Mobile - AllThingsD
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