Metalstorm: Online | Free Online Dogfighting Game For iPhone, iPod Touch, & iPad

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By PhilSynowiec on May 17, 2011 at 10:32 PM
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    [ame=]YouTube - Metalstorm: Online | Free Online Dogfighting Game For iPhone, iPod Touch, & iPad - iOS Vlog 403[/ame]​

    Metalstorm: Online is a free online dogfighting game with amazing graphics. Within the game you choose your plane, which you can upgrade as you go on, and get into a match. In the match you will be facing another person online and you basically just go and duke it out. After the match, whether you win or lose, you receive some credits to buy upgrades. You can pay for Tech Upgrades which is a skill tree that will transfer to every plane you have. This skill tree will give you abilities, power ups, and stats. If that's not enough, you can use your credits to buy missiles and cannons. Some of the items and planes are achieved easy buy in-app purchases, but you can also get these by getting a lot of credits and trading them for Coins. The gameplay is fun, but it can get old just going around in circles. If you have a minute or two to waste, this should satisfy you.


Discussion in 'Apple iPad News' started by PhilSynowiec, May 17, 2011.

    1. Martinbogen
      are you sure you can trade credits for coins?

      i can only trade coins for credits...
    2. iPad-Sweden
      For all of those who likes / loves / are addicted / the game MetalStorm or just support us that are into this game.

      PLEASE head to the official MetalStorm: Online on facebook and "Like" It.

      Dev's will hand out a new plane If the like's com up to 10k.

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    3. tomcat13
      1st. Upgrades cost credits AND COINS - and coins cost real money. Plaines cost COINS! Coins are EXPENSIVE and the planes are expensive. A fully upgraded plane can cost 20 dollars plus credits. Upgrades from one plane DO NOT transfer to other planes. No, you cannot get coins with credits, but you can waste coins on credits, which is dumb, because credits are pretty easy to get. You can buy some missiles with your abundance of credits, but the best missiles cost COINS. I never use coin bought missiles. Most cowards who dogfight use COIN bought missiles for an unfair advantage...Because who can afford to buy 100 missiles just to shoot them away in 10 minutes of play???? I guess hackers.

      The game is fun when you fly with another online player, your wingman, and you just go against wave after wave of enemy planes. Doggfights against another online player can get tedious, and skilled player, especially those cowards who use expensive missiles bought with expensive coins, will destroy you quite easily and that gets frustrating. All in all, I love the game, but planes and upgrades are WAYYYYYY overpriced. The game is addicting so my advice is to just not even bother with it. They get you hooked and then rape your wallet when you buy and upgrade planes - which you have to do in order to thrive in the game.

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