Luxury futuristic yacht can be controlled with an iPad

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    The rich who are into technology had a new attraction to behold at the ShowBoats Design Awards in Monaco. Ever wondered how a Star Trek ship designed for the water might look like? Then take a look at the futuristic boat designed by John Shuttleworth called Ädastra. It already won the “Most Innovative Design†of 2013 prize and other awards, so it caught the attention of opulence seekers.

    The yacht has been estimated to cost as much as $15 million and is not only a heaven of luxury and comfort, but also a ​​very technologically advanced wonder. One of its most impressive features is that it can be controlled via an iPad. The Apple tablet can remotely send instruction being as far as 50 meters from the starship, so the owners can chill at their mansion while the yacht is awaiting them in the harbor.

    In terms of speed, this super boat doesn’t disappoint either, as it will surf the waves at 43 kilometers per hour. That’s because its body has been constructed of light glass and carbon which allows it to float without problem. Designer John Shuttleworth explained that the yacht is eco-friendly and doesn’t use up a lot of fuel.

    "Adastra's longer, slender main hull has extremely low drag, which is why she is so fuel efficient. The smooth, seamless, unbroken surfaces also help to reduce weight."

    The lucky owners of this 52 tons seafaring beauty are the billionaire Anton Marden and his wife Elaine.

    Source: CNN

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    "The yacht has been estimated to cost as much as $15 million" Well I guess I have to scratch that off my Christmas list :D

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