LIMITED EDITION COLORWAY: caseen's Amaranth Pink Leather Case for the iPad 2!

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    Personally, its one of my favorite pink cases we have in stock. It has a classy look to it, that can go with both conservative and contemporary styles! A dye job that took a very careful thought process!


    The Amaranth flower is known for its healing powers and is a symbol of immortality around the world. The flower's name is derived from the Greek ἀμάραντος (amarantos), which means "unfading". caseen captures the Amaranth's eternal rose-pink hue onto genuine grain leather w/ sueded inserts. Exclusive for the Apple iPad 2 now! The original Nook Color's Amaranth Pink sold out in just few short months! Amaranth Pink for the iPad 2 comes just in time for Summer 2011 for a LIMITED production run.

    It is a Genuine Leather caseen SMART case! The embedded magnet functions with the iPad 2's sleep on/off magnet feature.

    caseen's gothic letter logo is engraved onto a golden metal plate to denote authenticity and quality.

    LINK: caseen Apple iPad 2 Amaranth Pink Genuine Leather Smart Case Convertible Stand Limited Edition

    caseen Customer Support

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