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Discussion in 'iBooks' started by BrentMorehouse, Sep 19, 2010.

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    Sep 19, 2010
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    Thanks in advance! I published on Kindle last week - now I want to publish on the Ibook store. My book was originated in Word, I converted it to HTML, then used a HTML editor to 'polish' it for Kindle publishing.

    My question(s).

    What is the best format to start with? i.e. to convert TO Epub
    (HTML, PDF, Text... etc etc)

    What is the best software to do this conversion? (I've converted PDF to Epub using Calibre, I then tried AnyBizSoft's PDF to Epub).. not impressed with either.

    What is the best software application to EDIT my Epub book?

    Once I have converted, and have done some editing... do you recommend that I simply sync it with my IPAD for reviewing... before I attemp to publish it?

    Again thanks!!

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