ITunes bought via PC and downloaded to iPad - problem with Playlists

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    I recently got onto iTunes and established iTunes on my PC and bought 5 Renaissance songs

    I wil be slightly specific about the songs to illustrate my problem more clearly

    I bought a song by the Stimmwerck Ensemble - call it song a

    I bought songs b, c and d by the Hilliard Ensemble and song e by the Orlando Consort

    These appeared in Purchases tab of iTunes and I downloaded them so they appeared in iTunes and somehow I organised a playlist called Peter1 which included songs a, b and e.

    I wanted to include songs c and d in the playlist so I downloaded them - hoping to add them to the Peter1 playlist.

    However, iTunes seemed to have a mind of its own and each time I download, say c, it replaces the other song (b) by the Hilliard Ensemble. Similar things happen when I try to add b back or try to add d.

    Can anyone clarify for me what is happening here - does iTunes know that b. c and d are tunes by the Hilliard Ensemble and ony allow me one of them???

    [Just by the way, somehow, unbeknown to me I ended up with a Playlist called "Purchased" and I now want to delete it - I have deleted all songs in it - but how do I delete the empty playlist?]

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