Issues With New iPad’s 3G Connection Now Surfacing

Discussion in 'Apple iPad News' started by Maura, Apr 6, 2012.

By Maura on Apr 6, 2012 at 11:02 AM
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    Following on from recent reports of Apple replacing some new iPad models that have Wi-Fi connection issues, AppleInsider writes that some owners of new LTE iPads are also now reporting problems with their device’s 3G connectivity. According to the report, the iPads are losing the 3G connection and then requiring a hard reset in order to reconnect. AppleInsider writes that, just as with the Wi-Fi problems, this new 3G connectivity issue has come to light as a result of a growing thread of posts on the issue on the Apple Support Communities website, with the majority of people posting on the matter being international users in a variety of countries, including the UK, Spain and Singapore, who are trying to connect to 3G networks, rather than people in the US trying to connect using the 4G LTE connection. AppleInsider refers to one user, “NewForceâ€, who says that the problem is either something to do with iOS 5.1, or the Qualcomm chipset in the new iPad. Although the user has tried several different fixes, such as resetting the settings and switching out the SIM card, nothing seems to work other than a hard reset.

    Source: Users report 3G connection issues with Apple's new iPad


Discussion in 'Apple iPad News' started by Maura, Apr 6, 2012.

    1. NewForce
      Oh my gosh.. the problem we've seen daily since 03/16 finally public!

      NewForce, that's me!
      Wow, me and all other victims of this problem hardwork now finally been paid-off! I'm in tears. This problem has been scorching my head up and down everyday. With every single tips from many users across 4 continents tried, but did not manage to permanently fix this "3G cellular data not connected" problem we have been seeing since 16/03 Day-1 New iPad launch day.

      Despite Apple Support Communities host has been constantly deleting my growing threads with many victims listed in their forum, and did even banned my "NewForce" ID there, my will never died. I'm still keeping the namelist of the victims posted till 04/06/2012.

      Thank you AppleInsider for making our problem we have been suffering public. Myself and on behalf of many victims of this problem would like to,

      Thank You Very Much AppleInsider !!

      Btw Maura, I've posted a similar thread here 1st,

      My thread of "GLOBAL WARNING to all potential new iPad 3/4G+WiFi version owner, Worldwide!"
      col.bris disagreed as he think as it is not appropriate, and have the thread renamed to "Issues with iPad 3/4G+WiFi version owner worldwide!". I was then more encouraged & got the idea to repost back in Apple Support Communites with col.bris suggested name, where the original "Global Warning.." thread was 1st deleted by ASC there.​
    2. NewForce
    3. DeeMac40
      I'm not sure if my problem is related but please help if you know the answer. I had my ipad 1 stolen, replaced it with a new ipad 3, ist sim didnt seem to work constantly with regard to data connectivity, when I checked the cellular data account settings it came up with a screen saying Device is not recognised. I have spoken with O2 twice now and had a new sim sent out with the same problem occurring. Clearly its an issue with the pad, anyone got any ideas whats wrong and does it mean I need to get it back to the shop pronto as if it needs changing I'm not sure what the policy is on return of faulty goods with apple in the UK?
    4. Jenningsville
      My New iPad's fixed now that I've upgraded to 5.1.1 :)
    5. jpdalas
      Upon learning the problems of the new iPad, I prefer the ipad2 over the new one to be on the safer side of not ruining my investment. It's just on my humble opinion.
    6. iluvmyipad
      I've been having problems with wifi connections, and even my 4g connection. I had to do the hard reset too. Thought it was just my iPad.
    7. rootlocust
      my new iPad also have this kind of problem....sometime, it suddenly notify me with this 3g cellular data not connected. I thought that my data carrier is the one to to fix this problem..?
    8. VictoriaCourt
      Reports have it that not all Ipad users are complaining of 3G connection problems. It was mentioned in a report that most of of the complaints are from Australia, Singapore, Germany, Norway, and United Kingdom.
    9. dana123
      A Very Helpful Topic

      Thank the post and I found this post is very helpful.:)

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