iPhone 4.0 beta walkthrough video in English

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    iPhone 4.0 beta walkthrough video in English

    by David Winograd (RSS feed) on Apr 11th 2010 at 6:30PM

    A few days ago we posted a Polish language video walkthrough of some of the features in the iPhone OS 4.0 initial beta. Since then, Michael Sherlock put together an English language video of a number of the features present in the new beta.

    Here are the novelties (youtube link):

    And multitasking (youtube link):​


    The video includes brief demos of:
    • Spell Check
    • Changing the Background image.
    • New features in the Camera.app
    • Making and populating Folders
    • The Unified Mail Inbox
    • The new Mail threading feature
    • and the new Game Center.
    This video, though light on depth, will give you an idea on how these features work in practice.
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