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Discussion in 'Off-Topic' started by Bob Maxey, Jul 10, 2011.

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    Jan 25, 2011
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    Interesting experience with another iPad group. I joined another iPad group on Yahoo Groups and decided to quit today because they cannot offer me much. I wanted to find a few specialized Yahoo groups and while looking up my old groups, I noticed an iPad Group. It bills itself as the iPad Dev-Team.

    So I joined to see what they have to say about the iPad.

    Here is what I discovered:

    1- The more active poster(s) told me that there is no need to ever save your SHSH Blobs. I am told they will never be required unless you are an Apple developer. One person did not know what signing meant and according to others, when you DL a file, it is already signed, permanently, by Apple

    2- Changing Root/Alpine is not important because the new jailbreaks are not vulnerable to hacking, so I should remain quiet about the arcane things only a few will care about

    3- One personal message told me I was too excitable and worrying about things that only matter to developers, and I might ruin the JB experience for others or confuse them

    4- Apparently, some independent developers have what what will eventually be iOS 6 and my concerns will be addressed. At least that is what one person told me. I doubt it very much

    5- Everyone in that group seems to know all about "Jailbreakme.com" but not Greenpois0n, RedSn0w, and the others. One person told me that the exploits many JBs depend on have nothing to do with PDF files, but word documents and special text files

    6- One person told me that Cydia is where apps that are "so dangerous or bad that Apple wont even let then in the store" are offered

    Gang, I do not know what to make of the Yahoo group.
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    lol. I think you should leave your Yahoo group. Seeing as the Apple iOS Dev program hasn't even released the final version of iOS 5, I highly doubt there is anyone outside of Apple employed devs working on any form of iOS 6.

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