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Discussion in 'iPad Apps' started by smarkow, Jul 18, 2011.

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    I know there a number of threads out there on this, but want to ensure that I undersand completely before buying anything (or a number of things).

    The Mail app on my iPad2 is set up to receive incoming emails, many of which have Microsoft Office documents (e.g., excel, word, ppt) and PDFs. I need to be able to do the following:
    1. View all Documents
    2. Save all documents directly from Mail to Ipad2
    3. Edit (excel, word, ppt)
    4. Re-save documents already saved on Ipad2
    5. Email saved Documents
    I've read through the forum I don't know if i've found an app that does ALL of this for each of the types of files (excel, word, ppt, pdf).

    Is there ONE app that I can purchase that does all of these things for all of the types of documents that I may receive via email?

  2. Hufn

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    Apr 5, 2011
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    I know the docs to go premium will do all of this yes, but not to the same extent as the desktop. Many advanced features are unavailable on the iPad, and android for that matter. None of them will support the more advanced stuff. But I use it and it's awesome for my uses :)

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    You can view all of these document types in the iPad's native Mail app and then open them in a compatible Office-type application...

    One of our members carried out a survey of Office apps for his company; you can see his conclusions in this thread...


    Another comparison was undertaken here....


    The Apple iWorks Office suite for the iPad has a set of useful Help pages that show their capabilities here...

    Pages is Word compatible and can read .doc and .docx files and save in .doc and .pdf

    Keynote is PowerPoint compatible and can read .ppt and .pptx files and save in .ppt and .pdf

    Numbers is Excel compatible and can read .xls and .xlsx files and save in .xls and .pdf

    Apple - Support - iOS Apps - Welcome

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    Jan 27, 2010
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    What he (?) said. I've used Documents to Go for years on various platforms. (Haven't used Quick Office enough to comment, but the comparative assessment noted in a previous post is well worth examining.)

    In general, my experience is that Documents to Go works well for Word documents that are not excessively long and/or formatted in a complicated way.

    Excel spreadsheets are somewhat more challenging. But here, too, Documents to Go works relatively well if the formatting and size are not excessively complicated or large. One warning though, some spreadsheets appear to have been created by Excel when they were actually created using a Excel look-alike. (e.g. Open Office.) I've found that those documents may have to be converted to Excel on a computer and then re-converted to the Documents to Go format. The direct transformation without the intermediate step often fails.

    I can't really comment on their handling of PowerPoint documents. The few I've encountered worked fine but the formatting was very simple and typical.

    The bottom line is that there is simply no fully comprehensive replacement for Microsoft Office in a non-Windows environment. But the limitations shouldn't be overstated. The folks at Documents to Go have spent years developing and improving their product. In general they do a very good job and deserve to be compensated by purchasing their Premium product. In cases where I've encountered problems I've found their customer service to be responsive and helpful.

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