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    I have an iPad 3 and a Windows laptop which is running crtmpServer. cRtmpServer supports rtmp and HLS.

    I can connect to my localhost with flash using "rtmp://"

    What options are available for connecting to this server?

    I have a wifi router which grants access to the iPad and my Windows Laptop. The crtmpserver is running on port 1935.

    1) How to view a stream via an app?
    2) How to record a stream via an app?

    i.e. What apps could stream Rtmp, rtsp or HLS to the server on my laptop. How do i find the correct addresses?

    3) How to do 1 and 2, using either C++ or Objective C?
    Eventually i would like to create my own app that is able to do the two task above. Stream an image to a server and from a server in HLS or rtmp.

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