iPad Printing: Outside Signal Interference?

Discussion in 'AirPrint' started by AlexV., Dec 3, 2011.

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    Hi---hoping someone here has experienced this or knows what the issue could be....

    While on the road I used to print with the iPad via a LAN set-up using an Airport Express router. Not sure if IOS 5 is responsible but possibly since the upgrade i am no longer able to do so.

    Everything works fine in my home, meaning i can print from the iPad to both my HP D110 printer or non-Airprint HP Photosmart printer (using HP's printing app) with the same local network set-up. Where it doesn't work is at outside venues, like hotels, trade shows, museums, etc.,---public places with an abundance of smartphones or surrounding wi-fi signals.

    Printing at these venues starts out fine but then it's suddenly like my wireless signal gets knocked out of the air or something. Printing freezes or stops at a quarter of a page or sooner.

    Anyone know what this is about? Is this a new issue? And more importantly; is there any way to counter this?


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