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Discussion in 'iPad Help' started by ian1948uk, Aug 26, 2017.

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    Hi everyone I'm new here and after some advice please. My laptop's harddrive contains my music library of about 1400 albums mostly in flac format. It's located in my dining room. I use JRiver to manage the library and it acts as a sever. I've installed the JRemote app on my iPad and this allows me to connect to my laptop library and play music on the iPad anywhere in the house. My hifi is in my lounge it's all Naim and is quite old (olive variety!) but sounds great. It has no wifi inputs nor headphone sockets so when I want to use it to play from my library I connect my iPad to it by a cable from the iPad headphone outlet. I would love to use my hifi and iPad without a cable by using wifi. I guess that I can buy a wifi "dongle" with the necessary connector to my amp inputs but I don't understand how the iPad will "broadcast" to it as it's already connected by wifi to my laptop/server. Can anyone offer an inexpensive solution please and/or explanations of how it would all work.
    Many thanks and if I've posted to the wrong forum can admin please transfer my post to the correct forum.
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    Am I correct in assuming your hifi only has "RCA" style input connectors ? If yes either an iPad dock or headphone connector to rca adapter is your best bet to mantain audio quality. If you are trying to go wireless, look into an Apple TV or chrome cast.
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    I’ve moved your thread to the iPad Help Forum where it will get more attention.

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