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    download link:free apps
    Caution: You must uncheck Cydia box otherwise it may create some annoying problems as Cydia does not work with 4.2 jailbreak for now.
    Download redsn0w 0.9.6 b2 for Windows or MAC.
    Download iOS 4.2 GM and iOS 4.1/iOS 3.2.2 for your iDevice.
    We are sure that almost all the features stick in iPhone 4.1 update have been mentioned. To download iPhone 4.1 update, here are the links
    Download iPhone 4.1 update for iPhone 4
    Download iPhone 4.1 update for iPhone 3GS
    Download iPhone 4.1 update for iPhone 3G
    Download iPhone 4.1 update for iPod Touch 3G
    Download iPhone 4.1 update for iPod Touch 2G
    Download iPhone 4.1 update for Apple TV 2G
    Upgrade your device to iOS 4.2 GM.
    Run redsn0w and direct it to iOS 4.1 firmware.

    Next, you can choose options to be installed along with jailbreak. Cydia box should be unchecked as directed by MuscleNerd.

    Before clicking next, make sure the iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad is off and plugged into system.

    Follow the instruction to enable DFU mode on the device.
    Hold Power button and while holding Power button Hold Home Button for 10 seconds.
    After Few seconds release Power button while still Holding Home Button.
    Release Home button when Installation begins so that you can have your ipad jailbreak 4.2
    After redsn0w finished installation, the device would restart and it will have jailbreak iOS 4.2 on your iPad. You can use this method to jailbreak iphone and ipod too.
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