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    I'm having difficulty with my iPad accessing the internet, receiving email, etc, using the wifi at work. Before the last week, or os, I generally did not have a problem. I don't think anything in our system at work has changed, so I don't know why this problem as begun.
    Sometimes, it appears that the iPad is connected to the wifi here at work, but I am unable to access internet. I'm not experiening this problem with my home wifi.

    Any ideas?
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    disconnect with the wifi while at work - go in and "forget this network" then turn off the wifi and do a reset. Hold down home and sleep buttons until you see the Apple logo. Go in and reconnect.

    With my work, sometimes I have to turn off the wifi radio and turn it back on. Allows the system to do a full login to our wifi. then again, maybe something has changed at your office - ours pushed new certificates with no announcement and hosed everyone up a few weeks back...

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