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Discussion in 'Home Entertainment Systems' started by DucatiMonster, Apr 9, 2013.

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    I have an iPad 3. I want to connect it to my current Thomson HDTV. Sadly, the TV does not have an HDMI connection (would be using DVI) thus I wanted to see if anyone could confirm that the following connection would work:

    iPad 3 - HDMI dongle adapter - HDMI/DVI cable - plug in DVI cable end to TV - connect male/male audio jack from iPad to TV to get the sound as well.

    I know there is a DVI dongle for iPad, though I'm thinking that later on if I get a new TV with an HDMI connection, then I wouldn't have to get another adapter.

    My only concern with the above connection, which I hope someone may be able to offer advice, is whether I would not be able to mirror my iPad onto the TV with DVI connection, as my only hope is to watch movies with Netflix and my cable company app, along with showing pictures.

    Thank you in advance for all your input.

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