iPad camera connection kit as music source

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    Oct 15, 2011
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    Hi there, have trawled internet and this site for an answer, but have found nothing...

    I have a JB'd iPad, use the camera connection kit to have an SD card to expand storage. All my music is on the 64GB SD card.

    I need an answer to one of the following 2 questions, either would be perfect:
    1. Is there a way of changing the default location for music on my ipad to a location (/folder) on the SD card?
    2. Is there a 3rd party mp3 app that allows me to change the default location/source for music on from a folder (/location) on my ipad to a location (/folder) on the SD card?

    Either would make my life perfect in every way. It is the final piece in the puzzle. ;)

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