iPad App Developer Profits From iPad’s Lack of Alarm Clock

Discussion in 'Apple iPad News' started by iDan, May 9, 2010.

By iDan on May 9, 2010 at 8:30 AM
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    SFGate has a great story today about app developer Sourcebits, which has clocked up 20, 000 downloads of its $0.99 Night Stand HD app, primarily because Apple omitted the very handy Clock app from the iPad, with its hugely popular Alarm Clock. Sourcebits CEO, Rohit Singal, says that aside from the lack of an alarm clock on the iPad, the main reasons that Night Stand HD is doing so well are, “A.) Brilliant design with bug free coding, B.) Focus on one thing and one thing only, C.) Value for money.†Slashing the price by half didn’t hurt either! Rohit also told SFGate that he has amassed sales of around $100,000 from iPhone apps so far this year, as opposed to just $5,000 from Android apps. Rohit blames Android’s poor showing on what he sees as the shortcomings of Google’s Android Market, such as not providing web links that a publisher can link to an app – “Google being a web company, this is unacceptable,†he says.

    By Maura Sutton, iPadForums.net
    Source: iPad Developer Makes Thousands Because Apple Didn't Include An Alarm Clock App (AAPL, GOOG)


Discussion in 'Apple iPad News' started by iDan, May 9, 2010.

    1. MattChance
      Idiotic. You don't need to buy an iPad specific app for a clock that you're eyes will be too blurry to see at 3 AM. There's 16,000 iPhone apps that you can download for free. Don't support people that charge for the same exact thing.
    2. NumbLock
      I like it.

      I personally don't want a fuzzy iPhone clock that everyone can see sitting on my bedside table.
    3. 300cman
      Where do I get the app? I don't see it in the apps store, but since I am new to (i) anything, I might have overlooked it!
    4. cherhall
      Maybe it's just me, but I'd pay $.99 for iPad specific apps instead of free for iPhone apps too. I want them to look nice and clear and use the whole screen! I have only 3 iPhone apps on my iPad and those probably won't stay long.
    5. Edlex
      I had bought the night stand app for my iPod touch a long time ago and it still is my night clock every night. I loaded it on the iPad and even at 2x it still looks decent. I can say if your looking for a good clock app, this is the one.
    6. jclynadms
      It is true that iPad doesn't have a good visibly enhanced clock but I don't think that to be the reason behind the large sales of Night Stand HD. The reason is just the people just want their gadget to be full of amusing applications that would be fun to use at anytime. I personally would not opt for this, it 's just that I would not like to have such an application and on top of that also pay for it, while I could get much better visually enhanced clock applications freely available over the Internet.
    7. IpadOne
      Of you dislike it you prefer to sell alarm clock at 50 buck with free shipping witch cost you 7$ in Shenzhen and stop to work after 3 month ….
    8. IpadOne
      Sincerely i have this app’s in my iPhone and i like it
    9. jake the snake
      jake the snake
      Will it kill the display prematurly?

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