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Discussion in 'iPad 3 Forum' started by jackster2389:, Jan 30, 2016.

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    Model - Ipad 3rd Generation 64G 18G available - Operating System IOS 9.2.1

    Really hoping someone can help - The Apple supplied Camera Connection kit has stopped working. I am no longer given the option to import photos when I go into Photos app on Ipad. It worked fine before IOS 8 update. All photos are in a DCIM directory. The part number on the back of the SD card reader is A1362.

    I have spoken to Apple (twice) and they were worse than useless. My thoughts are that it might be an IOS update issue. Have tested same card (3 photos on 512K card and that's all so lack of storage on my ipad shouldn't be a problem) in OH's ipad - newer than mine and has lightning connector. All worked fine.

    I have today confirmed with a reputable retailer (John Lewis) that the Connection kit they sell has same part number on the back of SD card reader as my 3 year old one. What I want to know is

    1) Does anyone else have same problem?

    2) Have they recently ordered a new connection kit - ie within the last 6 months or so

    3) Does it work?

    4) Is part number the same as I have?

    5) APPLE - have you updated camera connection kit in last two years and not changed part/component of numbers of kit?

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    Hello Jackster.... - welcome to the forum! :) I own the same 30-pin CCK and used on my iPad 2 for a while; then just over a year ago, I bought the iPad Air 2 but had already found other solutions to getting photos from my digital cameras to my iPads - for some that I now use, see this POST I left in the link.

    My newest digital camera has built-in Wi-Fi that sets up a personal network (i.e. a standard Wi-Fi network is not required) that connects w/ a proprietary (free) app on the iPad - this also works w/ several of the devices shown in that post linked above. Another alternative is to buy an Eyefi SD card which has Wi-Fi built-in (and assume an app is required on the iPad) - here's an Amazon Link - so I'd 'dump' the CCK (mine is gathering dust), and find an easier solution that consistently works. Good luck. Dave
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