iOS Developer Puts Marriage Proposal in Special Version of Foozle

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    Today’s heartwarming iPhone story that makes you go ‘aah’ comes courtesy of Cult of Mac. It’s the story of Joe and Jen and a most unusual marriage proposal. Joe and Jen are both avid iOS gamers, so when Joe was trying to come up with a novel way to propose to his girlfriend Jen he got in touch with the developer of her favourite iOS game, Foozle, in the official Foozle forums and asked for his help. The game’s developer, William Thurston very kindly agreed to assist Joe, even going so far as to build a special version of the game complete with Joe’s proposal, which you can see in the video above, as well as Jen’s reaction. Cult of Mac says that the only problem with the ambitious proposal was Jen’s initial inability to get past the game’s seventh level, where the proposal had been hidden! And it’s not just good news for the newly engaged Joe and Jen, we all get to benefit because Foozle is now free to download for a limited time to celebrate such a great story.

    Click here to download Foozle: App Store - Foozle

    Source: Romantic In-App Proposal Leads To Real Life Wedding Thanks To iOS Game Dev
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