iOS 9 will Allow Users to Temporarily Delete an App to Free up Storage Space for the Software Update

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    The second beta of iOS 9 comes with a very useful iOS 9 space management feature. This allows users who have little space on their devices to install major operating system updates. Thus, whenever one tries to install iOS 9 on a device with insufficient space, a popup will appear, offering to temporarily delete some apps in order to make room for the update.

    Once the operating system update is completed, the apps that are deleted are then reinstalled and replaced. This has been a issue which has been affecting mostly iOS 8 owners of 16GB devices. Thus, given the disappointment that many customers expressed with the install size of iOS 8, Apple has tried to make iOS 9 much more space efficient.

    Furthermore, Apple has also significantly reduced the installation size of the operating system to just 1.3GB, down from 4.58GB in iOS 8. With these much needed improvements, the adoption rate of iOS 9 could take place at a much faster rate than with the previous versions.

    Source: Forums MacRumors
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    Looks like they're doing everything to keep the percentage of their customers on the latest iOS as high as possible. Great news!

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