iOS 11 Now Installed on 59% of Devices

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    AppleInsider reports that Apple has just released brand new iOS 11 adoption statistics that show that it has now been adopted by 59% of supported devices since launch. This represents an increase of 7% since the last set of figures were released back in November, when iOS 11 was adopted by 52% of supported devices.

    Apple’s figures also show that 33% of supported devices are still using iOS 10, and 8% are using various older versions of iOS.

    Apple compiles its statistics from iOS App Store visits, making them more accurate than various third-party issued figures.

    Interestingly, even at 59%, iOS 11 still lags behind the adoption rate of iOS 10, which had reached 63% within the same time frame.

    One reason for a slightly lower adoption rate for iOS 11 could be the various bugs that have been widely reported on, and which Apple has had to issue a number of fixes for, including extreme battery drainage issues.

    Source: Apple's iOS 11 installed on 59% of compatible devices, up 7% from November

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