Internet Sharing - iPad accessing Wireless created through MacBook at Hotel

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    Help please!!!

    I hope that that I have posted in the correct forum, if not please bear with me I am still new on this forum.

    1. I am staying at a hotel and access the internet with my Macbook-Pro through hotel provided ethernet.
    2. Access to the hotel internet is through a userid and password combination.
    3. I have set up internet sharing on my Macbook-Pro so that I can also access the internet through my iPad.
    4. I have an iPad-2 that runs iOS-5
    5. I can see the wireless network that I created using my Macbook-Pro as described in 3 above.
    6. I am able to gain access to my email using my iPad without any problems and the emails get downloaded to my iPad.
    7. I am however not able to gain access to any internet site through my iPad. This may sound weird given that I can access my email.
    The benefit for me would be to be able to access internet sites using my iPad, as this will allow me to ue the internet more comfortably than having to always sit on a desk in my hotel room.

    I will be very grateful if anyone can assist me on how to overcome this problem. Given that I can access the email, my sense is that accessing internet sites should also be possible but I do not know the settings that I need to change to enable this.

    Thank you in advance for your assistance.


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