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    Two of the biggest names in computers Intel and Microsoft are not very visible in the mobile world. Yet the heavy work still requires the desktop power house computers.

    Atrix shows an innovative dock that sort of serves as both a mobile and desktop combo... just a bit performance limited as desktops go ... and a small mobile display to work on effectively.

    Apple has a high speed interface coming ... called Thunderbolt. It is already incorporated in the MBP's , coming in the new update on iMac's. Will be in the MB Air. So that only leaves the adapter for the iPad2's. Don't know if iPad (orig) has the capability. I am strongly guessing it is already in the iPad2, but not yet activated. I suspect iOS5 will open a lot of doors.

    With the intro of Final Cut Pro ($299) ... and Adobe offering three important new capabilities with LAV, Easl, and Colors ... there is a new marriage of mobile and desktop in the works.

    Notice the newly hyped iPhone 5 is dual core with A5 chip.

    For those threads that keep guessing about iPad3 ... keep this bigger picture in mind. FWIW.;)
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