Instagram unleashes updated iOS app

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    iPad photography lovers have always enjoyed working with Instagram, to enhance their snapshots. As of this week, the app has received an update that brings in a collection of bug fixes and makeovers, that will surely improve the experience. The first noticeable change is the camera interface redesign. An enhanced Camera Roll functionality has been added to the software, as well. Users of the iPhone 5 have been targeted with this updated, as the build makes it easier for them to access the Camera Roll. The camera also lets you apply a grid for using the rule-of-thirds and adjusting the horizontal line.

    The image with the news feed has been adjusted a little as well, adding full-bleed photos and the possibility of scrolling through the profile infinitely. The new Instagram also sports a tighter integration with Foursquare. When you receive pictures that are tagged based on location, you will be able to find more details about the particular location. Instagram has been pretty busy lately, implementing all sorts of changes. CEO Kevin Systrom, recently announced that Instagram’s partnership with Twitter has been terminated and Instagram photos will no longer be shown in the Twitter user stream.

    "We're working on building an awesome web presence, which we just launched. We revamped our web properties, and now we're able to staff up teams to work on web properties with the Facebook acquisition."

    Now, Instagram rushed to issue an interesting update, before Twitter had the chance to come up with its own photo app. The social blogging site is hoping to do so by the end of the year.



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