In a muddle with new ipad mini

Discussion in 'iPad Help' started by marsh33, Dec 20, 2013.

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    Dec 20, 2013
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    Hi everyone. This is my first post and I'm so glad to have found this forum!

    Can just start by saying I am pretty clueless with a lot of technology. I have managed to sort out things like itunes by trial and error and a lot of the terms that are used on the forum mean nothing to me!

    I have an ipod which I download music onto by connecting it to my computer and manually managing the music. I also have an ipad which I don't think I have actually ever connected to my computer....but all my music automatically appers on it when I download from itunes-does this mean I have icloud?? (I told you I am clueless!)

    I have now just got an ipad mini for my son. I have set it up with the same apple id as I wanted him to have to come to me if he wants to download anything. I didn't set up iclould as I don't really understand it and didn't think i had it on my ipad. I was thinking I could set up a second library for him within itunes....hmmm...couldn't work out how to do it so.......

    I have just plugged it into the computer and it's recognising it as Marsh33's ipad-it has all my music on it but I thought I could just maybe delete the music my son wouldn't want but when I tried that it deleted it from my ipad too!

    Can anyone help me sort this out or should I just start again and give his ipad a separate account? Is it possible to start over again?

    I would really appreciate any help-thank you :)
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    Hi Marsh 33 and welcome to IPF. There are lots of knowledgeable folks here, so keep asking questions until you get it figured out. There are several ways to manage two iPads using one computer. You might want to take a look at some of Apple's advice, such as:

    You may find that most of your difficulties are solved if you name the two devices with different names, even if they share the same iTunes account and iTunes library. iTunes will then let you have specific apps and music, movies, etc. synced to each iPad, but you only have to purchase them once. For instructions on changing your iPads name, look here

    Let us know if you need more info.

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