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    Nov 30, 2010
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    I hope this is a friendly site as I am quite the dummy and I may ask really stupid questions. I bought my iPad a few months ago, and basically have been just teaching myself thru trial and error.

    I will say that, so far, this has been the best $750.00 I have ever spent. Overall, even with the flaws in the iPad, it has made my life much much easier already.

    I travel to a somewhat remote location on a recurring basis. There is no Internet access there. The selling point for me was the ability to purchase the 3G wireless as I needed without being hooked into a 2year plan. This was THE determining factor in my choice to purchase an iPad.

    I am the only person I know that owns an iPad, so I would really like to connect and pick the brains of others that have one.

    I spent Thanksgiving with my extended family, and everyone kept coming up with reasons to "borrow" my iPad! I don't mind sharing at all, but, alas, my first dumb question...how do I either 'hide' certain apps, or 'lock' them?

    For instance, I have many private documents in the pages app...and I don't know how to hide or lock them....

    So, hello everyone!

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    Apr 20, 2010
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    Hello Janie!

    Welcome to the flawless iPad forum--where we take any perceived ipad flaw that you may harbor and turn them into "working as designed". :D. Seriously, pay no attention to the man behind the curtain.

    There are several apps you can get that will password protect any files that are sensitive or private. I would get the appshopper application and do a search on "hiding files" or something like that. Since I rarely let anyone use or even touch my iPad, I commend your spirit of sharing! I don't have any experience with those apps. Perhaps another forum member will chime in?

    A simple way to hide apps is by putting all the apps you don't want people to access together into one folder, name the folder Personal and move the folder to an empty home screen. Hopefully your friends and family will respect yor privacy and not go into that folder?

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