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Discussion in 'iCloud' started by mrdengue, Oct 13, 2011.

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    Hi Guys,

    Enjoying iOS 5 and iCloud for a day now...Though i'm having some issues with my iCloud mail.

    Have any of you tried mail filters?...I can't make it work filters with multiple options.

    For example, when I create 2 rules like these:

    emailaddress1 Send to OFFICE folder
    emailaddress2 Send to OFFICE folder

    Everything works fine and both emails end up in the OFFICE folder.

    BUT if I try to create 1 filter for these 2 emails address it doesnt work, I've tried:

    emailaddress1,emailaddress2 Send to OFFICE folder (doesn't work, both mails end up in the Inbox)
    emailaddress1 OR emailaddress2 Sento OFFICE folder (doesn't work, both emails end up in the Inbox)
    emailaddress;emailaddress2 Send to OFFICE folder (doesn't work, both emails end up in the Inbox)

    Creating one by one is not an option because I have around 100 filters some of them with 10 or 20 emails address)

    Have any of you experienced something similar?


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