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    Thank you for your new member assistance. Somehow, when resetting my iPad 3, I lost all my information in pages. If it was stored in the cloud, which now I am uncertain of, how can I retrieve it from the cloud. I have tried to find the settings to retrieve from the cloud but I have had no luck. I would be very appreciative if someone could help me. Thank you in
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    First, lets make sure it is in iCloud.

    Go to icloud.com in a computer browser and sign in with your Apple ID. Choose the iWorks app, then the Pages tab at the top. If your documents are there I recommend a two step (overly cautious) recovery.

    First click on each document and download it to your computer. This is in the unlikely case that re-enabling your Pages iCloud syncing does not work properly.

    Now, on the iPad go to Settings > iCloud and enable Documents and Data.

    Go to Settings > Pages and turn on Use iCloud.

    Open Pages on the iPad. If necessary close any open documents. Wait. Syncing all the documents can take several minutes, depending on how many there were and how large.

    It's best to do this with a good/fast internet connection. If you want to use a cellular connection (avoid if you don't have LTE and a decent data plan) you'll have to enable iCloud Documents under Settings > Cellular Data.

    Good luck.

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