Icewind Dale—Enhanced Edition Out Now

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    Overhaul Games, the team responsible for Baldur’s Gate: Enhanced Edition on iOS, has today released Icewind Dale: Enhanced Edition for the iOS platform, reports Phone Arena.

    Having proved their worth with the Baldur’s Gate remake, as Phone Arena notes, it seems that Overhaul can be trusted to do full justice to another such classic isometric RPG.

    Icewind Dale was first released back in 2000 on PC, and this new iOS version boasts enhanced visuals all round, as well as a brand-new interface, cross-platform multiplayer, new spells, new items, nearly 40 new kits and classes, old quests that were missing from the original game, and the ubiquitous bug fixes.

    The plot is set in the Dungeons & Dragons universe, with the titular Icewind Dale being a frozen region of the Forgotten Realms.

    As Phone Arena notes, the game is incredibly deep, after the fashion of classic RPGs of the time, which even included the likes of the original Fallout games, and Overhaul has captured all that depth and managed to package it for the modern mobile age, which is quite a feat. Well worth the $9.99 asking price for old fans of the classic game who want to take an icy stroll down memory lane, or new fans who want to check out one of the games that helped to shape the modern-day RPG.

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    Source: Phone Arena
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    Great game! Awesome to see it on iOS!
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    Hmmmm.... Seems like it'll be a perfect time waster. :)

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