Chaos Rings Out Now for iPad

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    Square Enix’s Chaos Rings RPG has been released today for the iPad worldwide. The game has already been a massive hit on iPhone/iPod touch with Square Enix’s loyal fanbase, since its release in April, hitting the Number 1 spot in 15 countries. Now iPad owners will get to enjoy the game in gorgeous 1024x768 HD, for £9.49/$15.99.

    Strangely, it looks like the much-improved graphics are the only enhancement added for the iPad version, although with the iPhone version already pushing that device’s hardware to the limit, it’s possible that not much more needed to be tweaked for the iPad.

    For Square Enix fans, Chaos Rings is another welcome addition to the legendary developer’s roster of classic RPGs. By all accounts it’s a game that Final Fantasy fans will love, with a story that’s set around a battle tournament called Arca Arena, where teams of two compete for victory and eternal life. Characters gain levels and earn experience points from defeating their foes to upgrade their team’s combo skills, so that they can launch even more devastating attacks. The unique story unfolds based on the pairing of characters that the players choose. By experiencing the storylines of each pairing, the true mystery of Arca Arena will be revealed.

    The gameplay revolves around a turn-based battle system, where players are given the choice between “solo†moves, where they can enter commands separately, or “pair†moves, where they can execute actions as a powerful team. Defeating enemy monsters allows players to obtain specific DNA information called “geneâ€, which players can then equip to learn the monster’s magic and special attack moves. Sounds like the sort of absorbing RPG fans can really sink their teeth into, and you know that Square Enix fans will be heading straight to the iPad app store to check it out!

    Source: Square Enix

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