How do you name the "NEW iPad"?

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    This is my simple translation/summary from one Chinese article :

    編者按:今天的Hack News上,終於有人對最新版的iPad命名進行了吐槽。而通過數據我們發現,我們為這個iPad改名字的行為,並不是一個人在戰鬥。而產品名字總是一個產品的重要構成,來看看大家都是怎麼看這個iPad的命名的。

    From the Hack news that we obtained recently, finally somebody is complaint about the way of naming the NEW iPad. Because the name of one product is the MAIN ELEMENT of it.

    "第三代iPad(被​​稱作"全新iPad"(The new iPad),通俗講也就是iPad 3")是由蘋果公司設計開發並銷售的平板電腦。 "- Wikipedia

    From the Wikipedia, it stated that : "The third-generation iPad (announced as "The new iPad", colloquially sometimes known as "iPad 3")is a tablet computer designed, developed and marketed by Apple Inc. "

    正如這句Wikipedia的解釋,我們根本不能清楚地知道蘋果的最新iPad到底該叫什麼。蘋果官方稱它為"The new iPad",但我們實際上都叫它什麼呢?如果你說你買了"new iPad",別人會知道你講的是那個第三代平板嗎?還是會以為你買了一個不是二手的iPad?還有,下一代的iPad應該叫什麼名字呢? "最新的iPad(The newest iPad)"嗎?

    So, nobody knows what should be the correct name that we should call the NEW iPad. Apple called it as "The new iPad", but what happen to us if you mentioned that you had bought a "new iPad"? Does anybody know that you are talking about iPad 3rd Generation or simply bought a non second-hand iPad? On top of it, what should we call the NEXT iPad? "The Newest iPad", maybe?

    在二手貨交易市場Priceonomics上,我們都喜歡蘋果會有準確和有序的產品命名。比如iPhone,起碼是從iPhone 3G,3GS到4,再到4S。有了這種命名,我們可以容易地在eBay和Craigslist這樣二手市場上辨別和購買。但是,如果現在我們想買最新版本的iPad,而又想當然地在搜索欄上搜索"the new iPad"的字樣,得到的真的是那個第三代的機子嗎?難道不是二手市場上新的還沒用過的iPad嗎?

    Besides, most of the buyers or sellers prefer to have a proper order way to name the used product in the second hand / used market, i.e. iPhone 3G, 3GS, 4, 4S and so on. This is habitual marketing style either in Priceonomics, eBay or in Craigslist. However, what should you do when you want to search for the NEW iPad, are we getting the 3rd Generation of iPad that we want or there are actually do available some BRAND NEW iPad that haven't been used before? ( starts to confuse me.....)

    我們決定看一下那些在二手市場上人們售賣最新款iPad的時候,他們都怎麼叫這台機子。他們到底叫它"The new iPad",還是"The iPad 3",還是"第三代iPad".

    Now, let's have look for those buyers and sellers in the second-hand market who wishes to sell "the NEW iPad". Are they calling it at "The New iPad", "The iPad 3" or last but not least "iPad 3rd Generation"?


    This is the result as show from the article, therefore, I am planning to generate one poll as well...."How do you name the "New iPad"?" and I am sure that we can get a better result and more comprehensive view from the 226,727 of iPadforum members and the uncounted visitors over here.....How do you name the "New iPad"?

    Source of document :
    1) "new iPad":蘋果命名已失敗

    2) Wiki - iPad (3rd generation)
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