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    Mar 23, 2011
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    I own ipad1 64 3G and iPhone 4 32 black. I'm in Sochi, Russia, that's like Miami in this country. Soft rocks, warm sea, seasonal business, Olympic games coming into town in several years.

    I'm a yank from Miami Florida and moved to live in Russia last year. Got tired of our great government. For one I don't like that irresponsible money printing. I seen dollar drop in value on my eyes. That I believe will eventually cause a lot of problems with china. But forget that stuff, I'm really enjoying life in this new place I now call home. Life is great here. Russia actually is where the money is made nowadays. There is this story about businessman burning 15 million bucks to warm his child after he got stuck in winter storm in the mountains. Know any man in the states that takes that much for a hike?

    A year ago we didn't have iPads in Russia, and I brought two with me and sold them for 50,000 rubles, that almost two grand. So I called my friends and asked them to send me another iPad and two iPhone 4s. Not by mail though. They arrived here too late, took them till after new years. Both iPhone and iPad were already selling here. Plus one could go to our friends Arabs in emirates and buy them there cheaper than in US. Thus I decided to keep an iPad and iPhone for myself. I figured I could use a web browser to look up for solutions online while at clients.

    iPad turned out to be a great help. iPhone isn't used much, since I almost always have an iPad with me. Great device, has maps, browser, Skype, messenger, etc. It's limited because no java and flash. For example you can't configure ip cameras with it, it will let you set settings, but can't see video to adjust contrast, etc.

    It does not replace a notebook PC, but that's alright since I don't use notebook everyday. Great little device, really portable.

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