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    Dec 27, 2010
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    I received an Ipad for Christmas.
    You have to hook it to your computer and Itunes to make it work, WHY? The instruction manual had about 5 lines of print. That is about $100.00 per line of instruction. There was no manual, or even a DVD. This thing would only sit and look at me. I could not believe that after paying for the machine that you have to give someone your Credit Card to make this thing work. Apple never says that in their commericals!
    I just want to read the newspaper, magizines, and do some non-work email. After I gave up and hooked it to my computer, it finally had something on the screen. There were no instructions at all. It was all guesses to try and make this thing work. No phone numbers to call for help, NOTHING. This was a WiFi model. I could never connect to the web. My router works. I am using it now.
    I gave up on this Ipad. It is going back today.
    How much does a DVD of instructions cost? You have to hook this thing to your computer to make it work, why not have some instructions that you can follow?
    Apple dropped the ball on this one. JB
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    well if you are done being frustrated and angry *not to say I don't totally understand because i do* but there is a pdf manual in the ibooks app and in the safari bookmark...of course this means you'd have to have the thing working and hooked to internet. But yeah, its there for future reference.
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    Oct 26, 2010
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    See below in my signature to download the iPad manual.
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    Mar 25, 2010
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    Please read my comments on the I need a lawyer post.
    Oh and one other thing you do not have to give Apple your Credit card one can use iTunes cards that can be purchased from millions of outlets.

    I am further confused by your statement regading the dvd manual. I work for a major retailer for Toshiba and other brand PC Not one and I mean non of the windows computers manufactures ship manuals on DVD with any of there computers. In most cases they offer a pdf on the desk top on how to use the pc or provide a link to the web.
    Further more unless a user backs up the operating system and or understands how to recover the windows os from a partition they are dead in the water When something goes wrong.

    User manuals for all Apple desktop and laptop products and applications are provided electronically as well as a restore DVD or USB(MacBook air) is shipped with every computer.

    All idevices use iTunes to recover the os by using restore and can recover back to t
    He most recent If the device has been synced and backup
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