Help burning a CD with iTunes please

Discussion in 'iTunes Forum' started by GAMESHARQ, Oct 29, 2014.


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    I bought 2 songs (from separate albums) on iTunes and then I used iTunes to burn them to a CD. But now when I play them using Windows Media Player, both tracks just show up as Track 1 and Track 2, both by "Unknown Artist". How do I get it to update so that it shows the real song names and artists?

    I tried right-clicking each track (in WMP) and choosing Find Album Info, but apparently that's going to end up naming the entire disc as that album, as opposed to just assigning the specific album/song name to each individual track.
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    You really need to explain your situation clearer - here are my assumptions: 1) You downloaded 2 songs from iTunes - these would be in AAC format (i.e. Apple's standard compressed audio codec); 2) You downloaded them to a Windows computer - if so, what PC & Windows OS; 3) You burned the songs (just 2?) to a CD-R - in what format, i.e. AAC and WMA do not play well together; and 4) You've listened to the songs on Windows Media Player - in what audio format?

    You can understand my confusion - obviously the metadata on these songs you bought from Apple has not translated well to Windows - please provide a more concise explanation of your problems and needs - Dave :)

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