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    Apr 21, 2011
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    Just saying hello. Found this forum searching google for iPad camera kit hacks. Here is some info for those who are interested.

    My ipad is jail broken on 4.2.1.
    I bought the camera connection kit for my ipad and started connecting anything I had that was USB I found that you can connect an iPod gen 5 and classic to the ipad via this usb connection with disk mode enabled in itunes (it does not come up with this device is unsupported message)then use ifile to access the ipod hdd.

    Ifile can read all the files on the ipod as flash drive(external HDD).

    Ifile is able to play the music in the iPod_Control/Music folder and open/edit iTunesDB and .plist files.(Although I would not recommend doing so). I transferred a movie to my classic through my computer then to the ipad from the ipod using the usb adapter and it works great.
    I would guess you can transfer anything via this method. The movie is only accessible through ifile but it works. I would assume one can transfer files to their respective folders and access them through the proper app.

    This method also works with my PSP in usb mode.

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