Hello from a Microsoft Surface user thinking of buying my 1st IPad

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    and Merry Christmas.

    Earlier this year I bought a refurbished Surface 2 tablet. The tablet was priced $250 which was an excellent buy. I am happy with RT 8.1 OS especially tiles and live tiles. Size is nice albeit wishing for a larger screen. Split screen is excellent and is a "must have" feature. Office was free on this device. All these points made the Surface2 a great buy, or so I thought.

    Now, Microsoft decided to not upgrade the OS for older Surfaces. That means any future software developed in the MS Store will probably not work on my tablet. Later, I noticed that my tablet was not working properly. I exchanged it after MS could not figure the issue. Now, having issues with the exchanged model.

    MS has deals to exchange my tablet for $200 credit towards Surface Pro4. . hmmm. Fool me once....

    Perhaps it is time for me to explore other options?

    I am/was looking the Air2 64 gig as an option until I saw the Pro model. I love the size as I like more screen size for split screens and web browsing. Speed is excellent. Purchase of an IPAD Pro is a big decision. It is $400 more than Air 2. For this type of price, I want this product to be relevant and usable 4 years from now.

    I want to use the tablet for reading, web browsing, email, watching movies, games, light word and excel features. Plus, all the numerous other things in the app store for now as well as the future.


    What is the confidence level that Apple's pro's roadmap is part of the future's vision?

    Will pricing be stable or will it drop / rise dependent on interest or sales?

    Do you personally believe the Pro is a good buy? If so, why.

    I thank you in advance for any valuable, constructive input.
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    1) I think the Pro is probably a part of the future. There is no guarantee, but iOS and iPad's in general should still be viable for the next several years.

    Like your Surface, there are no guarantees; however, unlike RT devices iOS has several solid years behind it. Even if the Pro as a device fails, it should be supported for a few years, just becaue iOS itself is almost guaranteed to go on for several years.

    2) Apple tends to keep pricing for the newest models fairly stable each year, with one or two older models available for somewhat lower prices. Whether they will do this with the iPads Pro is unknown. While you'll probably see deals later in the cycle, just before the new modles are annouced, they won't come from Apple. It will be third party sellers.

    Apple has made dramatic price drops in the past, but they've been pretty rare.

    3) I like my iPad Pro, and it looks like I can do everything I need to on it. I'll probably keep my desktop, not because I can't do without it, but becaues there are a few things it will do better. Probably not better enough to buy a new $2000 desktop, but enough to keep the old one.

    Whether the iPad Pro will be a good buy for you is going to depend on what you are going to do. It will do most things a casual user wants, and a lot of things a more professional user needs; but both 'casual' and 'professional' are pretty slippery terms.

    So, make a list of things you have to do, and a list of things you want to do. Make sure the iPad Pro addresses all of the first and most of not all the second. And hold in mind that you may have to learn how to do those things a bit differently than you are used to. iOS is a fairly big break from the more traditional operating systems, especially when it comes to how it handles files.
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    Dec 11, 2015
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    My experience relates to going primarily from a Windows 10 upgraded laptop to an iPad Air 2 and not the iPad Pro but the situation should be very similar. I also have a desktop computer, an Ubuntu Linux machine, that I can go to if needed but with this iPad it spends most of it's time these days turned off. While there are some things that are easier to do on the desktop machine, most things can be done on the iPad.

    Even when I don't immediately know how to do something on the iPad, it usually just means I have to re-think how to do the task as compared to doing it on the laptop.

    Good luck!
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