Halfbrick to Revamp Fruit Ninja

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    iMore reports today that Halfbrick is set to give its seemingly eternally popular iOS game Fruit Ninja a substantial revamp in early October. The game has already generated more than 500 million downloads across all platforms since it was released in 2010, and it seems that Halfbrick is not content to rest on its laurels as far as the game is concerned, with Halfbrick promising fans a big makeover.

    “The team has thrown away the tired menu and UI designs, ensuring the steps between playing, equipping new gear, and using social features are all streamlined,” said Halfbrick.

    Now, before you start each game, you’ll be able to equip different Blades and Dojos, which were previously not usable and were only for show. Halfbrick says that the game’s score ceiling has now been blown wide open, with pretty much every item in the game having an effect on gameplay, adding even more depth and strategy for all the expert fruit slicers out there.

    One such example of these new enhancements is the Great Wave dojo, which will now randomly spawn 10 fruit simultaneously, and the Autumn Black, which stirs up a tornado of fruit each time you slice a pineapple. Sounds yummy!

    Finally, to tie in with the revamp, Halfbrick has also launched a new Fruit Ninja dedicated YouTube channel, with the above video, which features two newcomers to Fruit Ninja Origins, Gutsu and Truffles.

    Source: iMore
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    Sounds good. I'll defo download it back in October.

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