Google's Augmented Reality Game Ingress Available for iPad/iPhone Users

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    Google's Ingress game has been launched with a lot of mystery and well-planned marketing, which has led to millions of users across the world. This is an augmented reality game where your purpose is to move as much as possible and encounter secrets along the way.

    After it was made available to all Android users back in December, Google has finally finally decided to launch its popular Ingress game on for iPhone and iPad users. When it was launched in 2012, new players needed an invitation to get in, but it has now become available on a global basis.

    Ingress players will be able to join either the Resistance or Enlightened teams to battle in order to locate and collect “Exotic Matter.” The Exotic Matter is located in real-life locations, which means that players have to travel to places in real life to find it. So, it's a really ingenious solution for those who're looking to combine movement with fun.

    There's also complex science fiction backstory that is ever-expanding and changing, so if you want to see more about it, just follow the link from below and download it on your iOS device.

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