Google’s Nexus 7 Easier to Repair than iPad

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    TUAW writes that according to a teardown of Google’s newly released Nexus 7 tablet by iFixit, it will be easier to repair than the iPad. This is because the Android device has lots of extra space inside, in comparison with the iPad, and also because the components inside the Nexus 7 were installed using standard tools, and it is also very easy to open. This apparent ease of repair has led to iFixit giving the Nexus 7 a repairability score of 7 out of 10, as opposed to the rather lowly 2 out of 10 that the iPad was awarded by iFixit. It didn’t do quite as well as the Kindle Fire, however, which scored 8 out of 10. As TUAW notes, repairability isn’t necessarily the main feature that people want from their tablet, but this, and the fact that it is more easily hackable, and the loyalty of the Android community, will certainly see to it that the Nexus 7 has a lot of fans.

    Source: Nexus 7 more repairable than iPad | TUAW - The Unofficial Apple Weblog

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