Google Hangouts for iOS Gets Impressive Update

Discussion in 'Apple iPad News' started by Maura, Feb 28, 2014.

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    Gigaom reports today on what it says is an impressive new update for the iOS version of Google hangouts; in fact, Gigaom even goes so far as to say that it’s better than the Android version!

    As Gigaom notes, Google Hangouts needs to really pull out all the stops in order to win iOS users over from iMessage, but it looks like this latest update could actually be good enough to do the trick.

    The news of the update was announced yesterday evening by Google’s Frank Petterson on Google+, with Petterson showing off the updated app’s new features, such as Stickers, which are animated emoji-type images that can be added to any message. Also added is the ability to send brief video messages to your contacts.

    Further enhancements to the app include map embeds for location sharing, and the app still has the usual features that have proved so popular, such as free audio and video calling. And for iPad users, Petterson says that the app has been optimised for iPad, complete with a two-pane conversation view.

    Click here to download Google Hangouts:
    Source: Gigaom.
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    Yes, not as cumbersome as before. I can talk and text very easily.

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