Gas Station Chain Chevron Planning to Integrate Support for Apple Pay Checkouts

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    Chevron is one of the world's largest oil companies, with millions of customers in the United States alone. And as the company is aware that many of them are iPhone and iPad users, it has decided to integrate support for Apple Pay checkouts at its pumps.

    Chevron has already supported Apple Pay inside many of its stores, but now the company is looking to integrate the new payment system at the pump, as well. The company initially said that it plans to integrate the service in early 2015, the later on replied to another Twitter user saying that “a timeline is not set” for the arrival of mobile payments at the pump.

    However, most likely, they made the rectification so that users wouldn't expect Apple Pay support to roll out in the first months of the year. Even if Chevron doesn't have yet a fixed timeframe, many have already expressed their approval for such a move, saying they would gladly switch over to a gas station chain that had support for Apple's payment system.

    Source: Bloomberg

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